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Long Wave

Long Wave is a radio term. It was one of those old frequencies. We grew up with the radio. With the waves and washes of music from AFN to Radio Luxembourg and the BBC's Long Wave on Sunday afternoons.

The mood of this record ranges over several decades of influence filtered through Sonny's beautifully personal, poetic songs.

Recorded by Ruairí O'Flaherty in his cabin in Killarney with the window to the most beautiful mountains in the world.

There is hope and disappointment in equal measure here. Fear, love, loss and longing. The sound is found in the instruments and voices at hand and woven into a series of tableaux. Close your eyes and you're there at the ocean's edge, sailing away in the moonlight, traveling the whole world round but always coming back to source, to the land, to opened ground which is reviving and restorative, where the weather is loud and soft by turn.

In this music, we echo down the decades, our former lives shadowing closely...always with us.

The fear dissolves away, the weight of the shadow lightens, we look with light to the future... "if we could get the weather we could live like some KINGS 'til spring comes."


Dream Sailor

Party at the Beach

Long Wave was launched at the Triskel Arts Centre on September 27th 2012 and is Scullion's first album in 27 years.

CDs are now available to buy at Celtic Note, Nassau St. Dublin and also at Tower Records, 6-8 Wicklow St. Dublin

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