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Philip King

"Philip King has a gift for celebrating what's about to happen and capturing what's about to disappear. He has made a career out of musical journeys, paving the way with the hugely influential band Scullion."

Gráinne Faller Irish Times May 30th 2009

Philip is a musical expeditionary who hit out on the road early. He has wandered through many musical mazes that have taken him to the heart of rock and roll.

Along the way he has photographed and recorded the inspiring, the aggravating, the uplifting and the precious jewels of modern music.

Of his encounters along the road, none were more life changing than his meeting with Sonny Condell in Cork City. They have remained close creative collaborators and musical cousins for several decades. They are the heart and the soul of Scullion, bonded together by the brazen beauty of Robbie Overson's sonic wash.

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