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Sonny Condell

"Three decades equals a remarkable repertoire in Scullion's world, most of it drawn from the creative genius of Condell, whose subtle lyricism and matchless melody lines bear scant kinship to anyone else on the planet"

Siobhán Long - Irish Times June 2008

An integral part of the Irish music scene since the early `70s, a musical career spanning 35 years, from the heady days with “Tír Na nÓg” which landed him on the biggest stages in the world, numerous solo albums, perhaps one of Ireland's greatest songwriters, Sonny Condell is the real McCoy.


Sonny Condell's songs are melodic and thoughtful, often with a breeze of jazz or a rhythmic hint of traditional music. “Down In The City”, “Teeside”, the poptastic “Carol”, stunning lyrics, distinctive driving rhythm guitar. A prolific songwriter with 15 albums to his credit.

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